Backend Development

The back-end is the core of a computer system, responsible for data storage and manipulation. It’s the server side of the application, hidden from user access.

A strong back-end ensures smooth application performance and high load resistance. It’s crucial for cybersecurity and sets the foundation for future app integrations. At Devoner, our back-end developers adhere to the principle of creating fully scalable server-side solutions.

Back-End Development Services We Provide

Let us handle the complexities of back-end development for you with expertise and precision. At Devoner, we offer a comprehensive range of back-end development services designed to ensure your application runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently. Our skilled developers focus on creating scalable, robust, and high-performance server-side solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Mobile App Back-End Development

We specialize in developing robust back-end solutions exclusively for Flutter applications. Our back-end services ensure seamless performance across different OS and devices, including iOS and Android, providing a consistent and high-quality user experience.

Cloud Back-End Solutions

Transition to cloud infrastructure for effortless scalability, heavy load management, and reduced latency. Devoner assists in migrating to public, private, or hybrid clouds, supporting AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and other cloud providers. Enhance your application’s performance and flexibility with our expert cloud back-end solutions.

Web Applications

Whether it’s a large-scale system, web portal, or IoT infrastructure, Devoner delivers high-performance solutions with exceptional stability. Our team utilizes advanced server-side logic and infrastructure to ensure your platform operates smoothly and efficiently, even under heavy loads.

API Development and Integration

At Devoner, we craft versatile solutions for mobile, web, and other back-end systems, enhancing your existing applications and ensuring seamless integration with third-party services. We utilize technologies such as REST API, GraphQL, WebSocket, Hooks, and EventStreams to deliver robust and efficient API development and integration.

Back-End Refactoring

Struggling with suboptimal app performance? Devoner can revamp your entire back-end infrastructure while keeping the front end unchanged. We rebuild existing systems to reduce development, infrastructure, and support costs, all while enhancing the quality of your codebase.

Custom Server Development

Need a dedicated local infrastructure for your internal network? Devoner can create a custom server tailored specifically to your company’s unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Back-End Testing

At Devoner, we conduct comprehensive security and stress testing to evaluate your app’s back-end performance. Our tests assess its ability to handle high loads, resist attacks, and maintain overall capacity, ensuring your system is robust and reliable under pressure.

Back-End Consulting

Devoner offers expert guidance on all aspects of back-end development tailored to your needs. We help you choose the right solutions and assist in designing, developing, optimizing, and maintaining the back-end components of your software applications.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Backend Development Services

Unlocking the potential of your company through outsourced backend development services is akin to fortifying the hidden foundation of a building. While often unseen, the backend is the engine that drives web applications and websites, ensuring their seamless operation. A dependable backend not only enhances security and performance but also reduces bounce rates and fortifies resilience.

Outsourcing presents a strategic opportunity to streamline operations and optimize resources. By entrusting backend development to a specialized third-party provider, your company can allocate resources to core business functions like marketing and product development. Furthermore, outsourcing facilitates access to skilled professionals in the field, augmenting the quality and efficiency of your projects.

Our Core Values

At Devoner, we uphold three fundamental values that define our success:


We carefully assess your requirements to identify the most cost-effective solution for your needs. Leveraging our library of prebuilt solutions helps us avoid unnecessary development costs.


Our streamlined workflow is proven to save time. We have refined our processes to deliver top-quality results quickly and iteratively, ensuring timely project completion.


Quality is paramount in everything we do. From the outset of development, we prioritize rigorous quality assurance checks to deliver stable, bug-free, scalable, and high-performing applications.

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Back-End Development Process

Understanding the significance of comprehending the software development journey, we ensure our clients grasp the key stages of our backend development process. Consisting of six pivotal phases, our development approach ensures clarity and transparency throughout the project lifecycle.

1. Discovery Phase

In this initial phase, we closely examine your requirements, analyzing business processes and gathering technical specifications. We aim to understand your expectations and future growth plans, selecting the most suitable technological approach and prioritizing tasks accordingly.

2. Planning

With the scope of work defined, we meticulously plan the development process. This involves creating timelines, milestones, and assembling the optimal project team. Tasks are structured, and the development process is carefully designed to ensure efficiency and success.

3. Prototyping

Here, we create a basic prototype, outlining the application’s structure, database, and logic. This early visualization allows for iteration and refinement before actual development begins, ensuring alignment with your vision.

4. Development and Testing

Leveraging our expertise in offshore backend development, we engineer the application with precision. Each feature is rigorously tested to ensure quality and reliability. Thorough documentation is provided to ensure transparency and facilitate future maintenance.

5. Deployment

Upon completion, we seamlessly integrate the backend into the system and deploy the final product. Whether on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud, our team ensures a smooth deployment process, leveraging expertise in major cloud platforms.

6. Maintenance and Support

Post-deployment, we monitor the application’s performance closely, making necessary adjustments and providing ongoing support as per the agreed SLA. User feedback is gathered for continuous improvement, ensuring your application remains optimized and responsive to evolving needs.

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